Thursday, June 25

Smile plzzz :)

Kimberly Read & Marcia Purse commented on their blog that according to the "facial feedback" hypothesis, the muscle movements of our face tell our brains that yes we are happy because we are smiling or confirm anger when our eyebrows draw together. I usually take tension soon when things are not done my way or if what I wanted to happened does not happen due to some reason. Same situation happened once and my husband asked me to smile. I said him at that moment, “I cannot give u a wholehearted smile now as I am tensed…” He said, “I asked u to smile, because when u smile, tension is released and u will be able to tackle a situation better…” I realized that what he said was so very true! Like an apple a day, keeps doctor away, a smile during such situations definitely helps to keep the tension away! So people lets learn to be happy and keep smiling :)

P.S: “He who smiles rather than rages is always the stronger” - Japanese proverb

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