Tuesday, June 30

From Bhutan With Love

From Bhutan With Love ---- Whatever I was unable to achieve in Bangalore, I was able to do it at Bhutan. I am grateful to the Principal of Minjiwoong Lower Secondary School, Mr. Rajesh Rai; His Honorable Dasho OC, Royal Bhutan Army and the Dzonkhag (District) Education Officer, Samdrup Jongkhar to give me the opportunity to realize my dream.

As Connector ACF 591 I have been promoted now as the Climate Project Presenter to be happening this December at Royal Thimphu College at Thimphu by joint venture of the Australian Conservation Foundation, World Food Programme and UNICEF.

Do add in your valueable comments for the same. Thank You.

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By Arunava Das, Senior Secondary Contract Teacher, Royal Government of Bhutan

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