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“The GODS Will Overcome” ---- FREE TIBET, One World, One Free “Roof of the World”

“The GODS Will Overcome” ---- FREE TIBET, One World, One Free “Roof of the World”

During my sojourn of the really small, yet fruitful stay of six months in Eastern Bhutan, which very well resembles the intricately woven live tale of the golden days of Tibet by Heinrich Harrer in his legendary book “Seven Years in Tibet”, I saw similarity of language, cast, creed, evenness of religious belief and practices and the relief of the country, to say both the countries, the amazing vastness of the Himalayas, the awe that these mountains create on its dumb-founded onlookers is worth it and I believe that as Bhutan, Tibet has every “right” to enjoy freedom at its best from the oppressive Chinese rule.

To my astonishment, I who hail from a country that has been under the British rule for over three hundred years till 1947 never saw or heard of any disfigurement or destruction of any of the national monuments of India and the Britons were kind enough to add some important infrastructure like bridges, roads, railways to India.

I was horrified and literally torn to pieces to learn that 99% of the 6000 sacred buildings have been razed to the ground by the barbarian bastards, Chinese invasion. It makes me realize that the Chinese, who are also Buddhists in their belief, are harming precious Buddhist texts and articles that should have been preserved rather than demolished by the demons. As a staunch supporter of Buddhism, I believe that these ancient relics are great sources of inspiration that one can gather about a religion, its ancient virtue and culture and some knowledge about Tibetan School of Medicine, all that were hitherto unknown to the world.

Through my readings of His Holiness The Dalai Lama (I generally read these books during my lonely times at nights in Minjiwoong as it’s a remote area with no room for electricity.) and many other Buddhist related books and ones own knowledge, I abide by the rule that it is the sin of the highest order to destroy one’s freedom to live. Freedom is a virtue that everyone enjoys from humans to wild animals and plants. Nobody likes to be oppressed or mistreated and humiliated on his land that belongs to him/her by birth. Some great Indian freedom fighter once famously remarked that “Swaraj is one’s birthright and one should leave no stone unturned to get it.” “Swa” means self and “raj” means right of freedom on one’s motherland.

The people who think that they have the right to dominate others, kill people (taking one’s life) are rather fools as “GODS” have the last say. “What Man proposes, God disposes!” If China proposes to take Tibet and part of Bhutan, God will one day have China dethroned because freedom of land and its people come first and I hope that the day is not far away. I hope a catastrophe may paralyze China forever that they may fail to come to the grips of their loss, the same loss that they have so far inflicted on a holy country like Tibet.

That is the point they will realize their mistake; and when they have done so, I pray to His Lordship Buddha and any other Gods for that matter that they lose their backbone forever to stand up again. This is my solemn request I keep as I like and would love to see Tibet free again. I know the people are strong enough to rebuild their treasures as only from ashes of destruction that new things come up.

I hereby, on the behalf of all my Indian colleagues at the Ministry of Education, Royal Government of Bhutan, take the solemn oath of standing by H.H. The Dalai Lama, Heinrich Harrer and the people of Tibet in their fight for freedom.

By Arunava Das, Senior Secondary Contract Teacher, Royal Government of Bhutan

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  1. I mirror your thoughts too arunava...let the demons strike the hearts of those merciless devils... Tibet has such a wonderful culture, tradition and knowledge that none in any civilized society can have.. I have read a book on Tibetan medicine and its culture, and was totally amazed by it. By burning and killing the ancient culture and knowledge, the Chinese don't know what they are getting themselves into. If the Tibetans rose against the Chinese with all their might, the Chinese will be defeated. But they don't want violence and thats the most amazing virtue of these awesome people. Right now am reading a book by Alexandria, called "WITH MYSTICS AND MAGICIANS IN TIBET" do read it, its the best. I believe that India has shown pathetic attitude in saving Tibet. Granting political asylum to H.H. Dalai Lama is one thing and pursuing its goal of freedom is another. I can go on and on.. Nice article bro..I guess Buddha will show the way someday...


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