Monday, November 14

The Day MyWorld Stopped Moving

My heart was in my throat. The world around me was swirling at the speed of light, threatening to spiral down crashing on to my head. The voices around me were blurring into a distance. My hands were trembling, desperately trying to fumble through things, bags, tables, looking, searching. As fear and helplessness clouded vision and judgement, it sunk in.

My phone was lost.

Last night was a close brush with disaster. Due to nobody's fault and and intention, my phone went missing.

For those who know me more than the casual hi-byes would understand and identify with the severity of this ground breaking event. A phone is not just an instrument to make or receive calls. To me, it is the be all of life. I find my way through the daily mundane chaos i call my existence, only with the able support of this magical device that is nothing short of a life support.

Picture a patient on a hospital bed with a the nurse attending on him accidentally stamping his oxygen stream? Now picture me without my phone. Potato, Pateto.

So there I was, fear gushing trough my veins, every cell in my head crying out for some life.

Not ten minutes back, the mood was different. Had been part of and witnessed an amazing entertaining performance. The high of having experienced pure magic on stage is inexplicable. The thrill and joy at having seen a team come together so amazingly to create spellbinding imagery is one that doesn't wear off easily. From that high, the fall was all the more cruel, as I found that the one companion I trusted the most in this bad wild world, was away from me, and out of reach.

It is strange how the mind races ahead of time, trying to picture the bleakest of scenarios in times when it should be rationalizing options and means to solve the crisis at hand. All i could think of was a dark dark space, with screams of pain shattering my ear drums. Or was it the loud thud of my heart pounding with fear? I wanted to see what time it was, and I didnt have my phone. I wanted to call home and cry out loud, and my phone wasn't at hand. I wanted to broadcast my angst to those faceless hundreds peeping onto my "wall", and I didn't have my phone. My life, as i knew, had come to a stand still.

Fifteen scariest moments of my life after, the phone was located. A sigh of relief, a heavy axe lifted off my neck, the stab through my heart healed. My mind was suddenly recognizing faces, sounds were registering on my ear all of a sudden. I saw smiles, reassuring me that all was well with the world. My senses felt light, My body relaxed, a small wry smile threatened to break on to my face.

I slept close to my phone last night. It is incidents like these that make you value relationships even more. And yesterday i realized how deep was my bond with my hand held genie.Never again, my companion, never again would this happen, i solemnly resolved, as sleep took over, bringing to end a horrific spooky night.

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