Wednesday, November 9

What is your greatest fear?

Today I asked this question to my friends, and below were the replies:

  • Fear of going blank
  • Fear of the word 'FEAR' itself
  • Fear of being different from others
  • Fear of being emotional
  • Fear of darkness
  • Fear of feeling insecure
  • Fear of losing my skin complexion
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of drowning
  • Fear of my inability to quit smoking
  • Fear of being unable to care for myself
  • Fear of seeing owls
  • Fear of the unknown within me
  • Fear of being hurt by loved ones
  • Fear of silence
  • Fear of being fat/ugly
  • Fear of losing my loved ones
  • Fear of a thought about falling from mountains or helicopters
  • Being a loser
  • Fear of staying alone
  • Fear of getting married
  • Scared of heights
  • Fear of being alone without family and friends
  • Fear of my possessive nature
  • Fear of loving a man, I would love a dog without any fear, because dogs won’t breakup, neither will they wake up one day and tell, “I don’t love you anymore…”
  • Fear of air suffocating me
  • Fear of the unexpected

Recently read one blog post titled, “Five Great Ways to Conquer YourFears” on In this blog post the author says, “Whatever your fears may be, you can either let those fears form boundaries beyond which you can’t move or grow, or you can face them head-on and allow them to become opportunities to move into new places in your life.  The choice is truly yours. “

Actually this strategy works, first you find out what are your fears, and then you convert those fears into your strengths. Till now, I have conquered few of my fears using this strategy. Try it today people, who knows it might work for you too, or you may find your own way of dealing with your fears while trying this method! However, talk to yourself about your fears; do not feel that you are a weak person if you have some kind of fear. It is very much human to have fears, but slowly we have to learn to stretch ourselves...going beyond our fears, isn’t it?


  1. Shilpa... never thought people can have such varied range of 'Fears'! I guess knowing our fears and playing with our psyche gives us that extra challenge that life has to offer... cool post... :)

  2. Here's one, The fear of a cold hand grasping yours when you are trying to get hold of your phone under the bed, in the dark :)

    Nice one Shilz :)


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